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simplyYOGA opened in January 2003, and is located at the west end of the historic Downtown Mall, between Whiskey Jar and Mudhouse. The studio is on the second floor, above Lucky Blues; there is no elevator in the building. Free two-hour street parking can generally be found nearby, or students can park in any of the public parking lots or garages. The Market St. and Water St. garages offer first hour free.


Most classes at simplyYOGA are geared toward young-at-heart students over 50. The studio floor is carpeted, providing generous support for prone and supine positions. Chairs are available if needed. All necessary props, including mats, are provided.

For the safety and comfort of all students, proof of Covid-19 vaccination is required to attend in-person classes. We run an Air Purifier during class with a HEPA Filter. Face masks are optional. 


Online classes are offered via Zoom. 


My interest in yoga began when I was a teenager. Like many Boomers in the late 1960’s, I was a seeker, influenced by the music and culture of our times. I read books about yoga and practiced at home until I found the courage to attend a class. Dragging my mother with me, and dressed in a black leotard and tights (because that’s what we wore to yoga classes back then), I grabbed the old quilt off my bed and settled on the cold tile floor of a church basement for my first formal lesson. My body relished the movements, but even as a novice practitioner, I sensed something was missing. 


Fast forward a decade later, after attending hundreds of classes with a half dozen teachers, I was led to an Integral Yoga class at my local parks and rec. It’s there that I found the elusive something that had been missing in all the other yoga classes I had previously attended: integration of body, mind and spirit, which is, by definition, the meaning of the word yoga.


I was hooked!

About Me

Barb Germershausen
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Several years later my teacher asked me to sub his class. The rest, as they say, is history. I’ve attended numerous trainings and workshops since that time, worked and lived in a Vipassana meditation center, operated two successful yoga studios, directed a half dozen yoga teacher training programs, and taught in a medium security Federal prison. All of these experiences have shaped the teacher I am today.


In addition to my general yoga training, I hold certifications in Ageless Yoga with John Schlorholtz and Yoga Nidra with Julie Lusk of Wholesome Resources. I’m continuing my Yoga Nidra training online with Yoga International. The exposure to a variety of teachers has expanded my understanding of and appreciation for the practice.

I have always enjoyed teaching beginner students and watching their eyes light up when they realize they don’t have to be flexible to practice yoga, or as they have that aha moment when body, mind and spirit come together. These days, as I approach my 40th year of teaching, I find satisfaction in working with the aging population. They teach me a lot and keep me humble. 

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