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Ongoing & Block Class Pricing

Payment is accepted via cash, check, Venmo and PayPal payable to Barbara Germershausen.

If you are unable to afford the rates below, please reach out to me. I feel that yoga should be accessible to everyone and I have never turned away a student for the inability to pay for classes. Likewise, if you are in a position to help another student attend classes, feel free to add a "tip" to your class payment. It will be used to offset the discounts offered to students with financial challenges. We thank you for your generosity! 

"Barb’s yoga class is an oasis in the middle of my busy life." ~ SH

Rates for Ongoing Classes

5-Class Card:

$95 - valid for 2 months from date of first use.

10-Class Card:

$180 - valid for 3 months from date of first use.

20-Class Card:

$340 - valid for 4 months from date of first use.

Intended for 2 classes/week.


$23 per class

Rates for Block Classes

Block classes are priced according to length of session:

4-week Block = $80

5-week Block = $100

6-week Block = $120

7-week Block = $140

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