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Private Groups


Book a Class for Your Wedding Party!

  • Relax with gentle yoga in the intimate setting of my cozy studio or at your chosen location before the big event.

  • Bond with family and friends in a gentle yoga class honoring the wedding couple.

  • Learn deep breathing techniques to help relieve anxiety and manage stress.

  • Take a personalized yoga or meditation class in lieu of a bachelor/bachelorette party! 


Creative Idea for a Family Reunion:

  • A fun way to connect!

  • Appropriate for all ages.

  • No prior yoga experience necessary.

Friend Gathering:

  • Yoga with a small group of friends at simplyYOGA or in the comfort of your own home

  • A unique and healthy way to celebrate a special birthday or rite of passage

Yoga in the Workplace:

  • Yoga improves mental and physical health which can decrease stress in the workplace.

  • Classes can be held in chairs around a conference table.

  • Excellent addition to corporate trainings and staff meetings.

  • Employer-sponsored weekly in-office classes for the convenience and wellness of your staff.

Hire me to lead yoga and meditation classes at your workshop or festival.

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor


"There is a lovely mix of serenity, humor and physical awareness." ~ Jane

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