on the downtown mall

small classes in a warm and welcoming environment


"Barb is a warm, direct, no-nonsense yoga teacher. The pace and tone of her class feels just right, and I come away relaxed and energized." ~ VC

"Weekly yoga was what got me through breast cancer. I knew I was doing a good thing for my body focusing inward and being quiet during a very stressful time." ~ KLE

"There is a lovely mix of serenity, humor and physical awareness." ~ Jane

"Barb has a keen sense of humor and tremendous knowledge and experience of teaching yoga which is so evident in her classes." ~ Gloria

"It's sometimes hard to leave the warm house [for yoga] on a cold winter's evening, but I'm always glad I did! ~ Madeleine

"Barb’s yoga class is my oasis in the middle of my busy life." - SH

Road-tripping with my son along the PCH. 

This photo was taken at Big Sur, August 2009.